The Orthorobot lab process

The Orthorobot lab process

The Orthorobot lab process is based on virtual treatment planning and bracket positioning and archwire bending with robots. Modern technology gives you a result you can rely on.

The lab process step by step:


A precision impression is taken from the patient's teeth  (see pdf: Taking impressions). We need impressions of all teeth to be bonded. This impression together with the lab order form and an optional target setup is sent to orthorobot with free shipping (more on shipping: Ordering Information).


The target setup (the treatment goal) can either be made by the doctor and be sent to us, or Orthorobot can create the setup according to the doctor's specifications. The creation process is guided and controlled by an orthodontist. Before the following steps are done, the docotr needs to approve the setup.


When the desired target situation is defined, it is measured on a computer and ideal bracket positions are determined. The ideal position depends on tooth morphology, the movement to be made and the archform.


The brackets are bonded onto the calculated positions with a robot. The robot has an accuracy of 0,02mm for repeated placement. When bonding the brackets a small layer of bonding is created. This layer stays on the bracket and individualizes it for the given tooth.


The model with bonded brackets.


The transfer tray is a two-part, clear tray. One soft part holds the brackets, the other hard part holds the tray in place when bonding onto the patients teeth. The clear material allows for good optical control and is easy to remove from the bracket after bonding. The tray is divided into three parts: lateral sector - front sector - lateral sector. More information can be found here: Orthorobot bonding protocol.


We then use the coordinates from the bonding to calculate the finishing wires. This way the archwires fit the bracket positions exactly. The individual archwires are also bent by a robot. Brackets and wires together assure a high quality finishing for every case.


You receive your case after 2-3 weeks.. Everything you need for the bonding is in the box: Brackets sitting in the transfer tray, the desired archwires and the setup model. You can also order all needed bonding material directly from us. (see pdf: Orthorobot bonding protocol).


The brackets bonded in the patient's mouth.



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